Action for Choice

Action for Choice campaigns for free, safe and legal abortion in Ireland, North and South.

Action on X

Action for Choice was formally Action on X.

Action on X was set up in January 2012 to mark the twenty-first anniversary of the 1992 X case Judgement and quickly established itself as one of Ireland’s leading pro-choice organisations campaigning the enactment of accessible and appropriate legislation that gives full effect to the 1992 judgement of the Supreme Court in the X Case.

We called for X-Case legislation that included:

  • The risk of suicide as grounds for abortion
  • No more than the opinion of two doctors to approve an abortion
  • Publically funded, state-wide access – near to women’s homes
  • Provisions for abortion if a foetus has a fatal abnormality and cannot survive
  • The decriminalization of abortion.

Action on X noted with great disappointment that Protection of Life in Pregnancy Bill 2013 provided no legal certainty to women. Indeed, it actually creates obstacles that prevent women from exercising their legal rights. Therefore Action on X called for the introduction of substantial amendments to ensure that the legislation:

  • fully meets the needs of women with life-threatening pregnancies
  • recognises the specific and unique needs of minors
  • does not add to the distress of women and addresses their needs in a humane and timely manner with respect for human rights, justice and equality
  • fulfils the ECHR requirement for clarity.
  • does not criminalise vulnerable women

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